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The Heart of Health Care Instruments, Vertidas Surgical

Vertidas surgical(manufacturer & supplier of surgical instruments) offers surgical supplies and equipment for MDs and Surgeons at competitive prices
worldwide, including tissue forceps, needle holders or clamps, dilators, disposables, suction/probes and general instruments set etc. Vertidas instruments can be reused after proper cleaning and sterilization.

Surgery Rotation

Explore our curated collection of surgical equipment, from scissors and retractors to state-of-the-art technology and innovative devices. Whether you’re a surgeon, medical professional, or healthcare facility, our catalog offers a diverse array of high-quality equipment to support your surgical needs. Browse our catalog to discover the tools that elevate surgical precision and enhance patient care.

High Quality Products

Army-Navy Retractor

Richardson Retractor

Dental Elevators and Luxators

ENT Treat the Fundamental Functions of Life

Oral & Maxillofacial Dental Surgeons

Best Sellers PDF Catalogue

Investments in cutting edge technologies coupled with over 60 years of engineering knowledge has allowed us to produce superior products. Precision quality reusable titanium instruments sustains and increases cost savings over time.
Keeping Surgeons at the Leading Edge of Ophthalmology