Beale Instruments

170mm long, satin finish

Code                   Description
SC-ENT/203a  Knife, Stapedius tendon cutting
SC-ENT/203b  Raspatory, mucous removal
SC-ENT/203c  Osteotome, footplate
SC-ENT/203d  Perforator, elevation fixed footplate
SC-ENT/203e  Hook, removal of footplate, angled downward
SC-ENT/203f  Hook, removal of footplate, angled upward
SC-ENT/203g  Hook, bone removal from oval window, angled left
SC-ENT/203h  Applicator, vein graft for right ear
SC-ENT/203i  Applicator, vein graft for left ear
SC-ENT/203j  Curette, removal bony rim
SC-ENT/203k Curette


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